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Sam - Season 2

Sam - Saison 2

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 12 episodes



Adapted by Claire Lemaréchal (After I'm gone) and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta (Life’s so Sweet), Clara Bourreau and Cécile Lugiez

Directed by

Gabriel Aghion (Sam Season 2, The Libertine)


Natacha Lindinger (The Exes, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky)
Fred Testot (Sam, Houba! On the Trail of the Marsupilami, War of The Buttons, Woman under influence)
Fanny Gilles
Michaël Cohen


Authentic Prod in coproduction with TF1

Delivery: Completed

2017 / Original language: French / Color

Based upon the Original series “Rita” created by Christian Torpe for SF Film Production

Sam, every bit as free-spirited and loud-mouthed as she was in Season 1, decides to settle down and have a committed relationship with Xavier, the principal of the middle school where she teaches French. At 45, she still hopes to be happy in love. But just as she takes the leap, a charming, sexy new French professor turns up at school: Raphael Manzarek. He and Sam have completely opposite ideas about their job, but they are attracted to each other like magnets. Has Sam really changed? Will she be able to resist temptation? Sam promises Xavier transparency and honesty. But she has to lie to protect Max, a student who lives alone with his bipolar mother. To keep him from being placed in a foster home, Sam takes a lot of risks - and may even lose Xavier. Can she succeed in life if she's always out to save her students at any cost?


Episode 1 - Memories
Sam, forever single, isn't sure if she's ready for a committed relationship with Xavier, principal of the middle school where she teaches. When she meets her new colleague Raphael Manzareck, who is as irresistable as he is infuriating, she only gets more confused. Even in class, Sam can't decide what do when she finds out Max is hiding an abusive situation at home.

Episode 2 - Never Too Late to Learn
Despite her hesitation, Sam is enthusiastic about her new life. And if her daughter Anna isn't happy to share her home with her mom's new man, too bad! But Sam is overwhelmed when she gets some unexpected news that relates to one of the girls in her class.

Episode 3 - Me, You, Him
Sam and Xavier face their first big spat as a couple. There's hope for resolution, but Sam keeps taking more and more risks by helping Max instead of reporting his situation to social services. Always on the students' side, Sam is the only one to defend a violent student summoned to the board for disciplinary action.

Episode 4 - Confessions
Sam is trapped in her intolerable situation of secretly helping Max, and it just gets worse. To the point that Xavier suspects her of having an affair with Manzareck. But Sam has other things to worry about. She's helping a student bullied by her classmates - in her own way, which means without telling anyone.

Episode 5 - Love Hurts
Sam goes on a school trip with Manzareck - just the two of them, far away from school. Talk about timing! After the confessions Sam has finally made to Xavier, their relationship is more fragile than ever. Meanwhile, with all their breakups and flirts, the teens seem to be going through the same drama as the adults.

Episode 6 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
It's the end of the school year. Everyone is having fun with the traditional Olympic games - except for Sam. Her relationship is a mine field, she's been suspended by the board of education, and above all, Max is in a foster home and doesn't want to pass middle school anymore. Sam fights to save her student. She and Max have developed a very special relationship and nothing else matters. Maybe not even Xavier!


Average of 4.59 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 29% Market Share Housewives
and 18.9% Market Share 4+

Click on the pdf file :

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“A dynamic and touching series”
Le Figaro

“The new “Sam” is captivating!”
Le Parisien

“Free-spirited and delightful sense of humor”
TV Mag

“The funnest teacher on TV”
“Natacha Lindinger has taken over”

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