A Wonderful Family - Season 10

Une famille formidable - Saison 10

SERIES 3 x 96' in a series totalizing 30 episodes


20 years of joy and tears! and more again in 2014!

Directed by



Anny Duperey (A Wonderful Family)
Bernard Le Coq (The Flower of Evil, A Wonderful Family)


Panama Productions, PM Holding

2012 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

For the last twenty years, life has been everything but peaceful for the Beaumonts. Catherine and Jacques look after their wonderful family, a blended family living happily and cheerfully together, but things aren't always that easy! Three generations of characters take us on some pretty wacky adventures, sharing the laughter and tears of being a family today. First there are the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont, and their friend Reine. Then come the kids. Not to forget the twins, the youngest of the young adults, with their often complicated love lives. Last but not least, the new generation is peeking out, with Fred and Nourredine's tumultuous daughter Carla, and Audrey and Julien's daughter Marie, whose love interests are as stable as a weathervane on a windy day!


Episode 28
Since last season, Catherine has been leading a double life. Though incapable of leaving Jacques, her true moments of happiness are with her lover Francois. Things get a little crazy when Jacques unwittingly takes a liking to Francois - his "new friend." The situation is further complicated by the arrival of Jacques' son: José has come from Portugal to make Jacques face the fatherly responsibilities he has avoided for too long.

Episode 29
Good news! The family finally gets away to the vacation home in Portugal. But alas! They find it in a state of ruin. It's not long before vacation plans become construction plans, with everyone pitching in to help. Easier said than done, considering the turbulent zone the couples are going through.

Episode 30
The whole family returns to Noyers and its peacefulness... for a short while. When Reine's city election bid pits her against the incumbent party headed by Robert the Mayor and his Deputy Mayor Catherine, the fireworks begin! The brutal campaign makes the family teeter on the brink of explosion.


Up to 8.3 million viewers on TF1 prime time.


"What a success!"
Le Parisien

"Compelling adventures... a good time with a family that is wonderful as always."

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