Miss BG - fillers

Bravo Gudule - vignettes

SERIES 26 x 2'
Comedy / Animation

By the producer of Tintin and Babar and the director of Becassine.

Directed by

Philippe Vidal (Becassine)

2007 / Original language: French or English / Color / Stereo

Welcome to the world of Miss BG, a funny, tender and refreshing series!
Miss BG is 8 years old; she has loads of friends, lots of stories to tell. She has a cool tree-house, and she has… a darling little 3-year-old brother, George.
When George was born, she got a kind of « promotion » in the family circle: she became MISS BG: MISS Big Girl !
Her mission in life: teach her younger brother the ways of the world… and she has a quite unique viewpoint on the way the world works…
Miss BG’s got a big heart, is incredibly loyal and is lots of fun to be around. But she can also be such a headache !
Welcome to the world of Miss BG, a funny, tender and refreshing series!


BG'S DAILY TIPS - Fillers of 26 x 2'

The BG Vignette episodes are 2-minute “Lessons” or “Tips” given to the audience by BG. These ‘tips’ are always factually correct and have underlying social development themes; the humour lies in how BG executes them. As we know with BG, things never go exactly the way she plans. BG will speak directly to camera, addressing the audience. Her TV lessons will interact with a future website, which kids can then access to receive further info.

#01 - “Doggy Duty”
BG and George do a trial run of caring for Doodlebug, BA's Dog. BG and George show us what dogs need most –love.

#02 - “Hamster in My Hair”
Miss BG’s little brother, George, takes us on a musical journey of friendship with a little help from his hamster and best friend, Albert. From George’s point of view we hear his struggles of being small, but the abiility to overcome them when you’ve got a best friend, who’s always there.

#03 - “Toy Swap”
BG shows George and his friend, Ian, that sharing can be fun. The kids learn that if you don't share with others you can't expect to share their things.

#04 - “The Perfect Present”
BG and George help Brittany-Ann find the perfect present for her Mom. Together, the kids learn that the best presents are homemade.

#05 - “Energy Saver”
BG gives George tips on saving energy around the house - but soon learns that you have to consult your family first!

#06 - “Sleep Over Party”
BG plans a sleep-over party. She shows us all the important things to plan for a sleep-over. But she forgot the most important step - get permission from Mom and Dad before inviting all your friends!!

#07 - “Show Time!”
BG shows George and his friend Ian how to behave at the movies. However, when BG gets carried away, Terri has to remind her how to behave.

#08 –“Better Than You”
BG and Brittany-Ann duel over who can do things better than who. This light hearted song has the girls feuding over everything from who’s faster, to who jumps further, to who can sing louder than who; just an average day for these two competitors.

#09 - “Handel with Care”
BG shows her friends how to look after and respect other people’s things.

#10 - “Rise and Shine”
BG shows Brittany-Ann how to speed up her morning routine so that she has extra time to sleep and relax. Uh Oh! BG has taken so much extra relaxing time - she is late!

#11 - “Taking Photos”
Ian & George ask BG for help with Ian's older brother's digital camera. Together they all learn that practice makes perfect.

#12 - “Team Spirit”
Kayla doesn’t think she is good at soccer so BG offers her expertise. BG takes time to show Kayla some soccer tips, and in the process learns that having good sportsmanship is more important than winning.

#13 - “Bedtime”
BG tries to help George stay up past his bedtime to watch a Belinda concert on TV. Together, BG and George learn that honesty is the best policy.

#14 - “Skater Kidz”
BG shows Aunt Alice all the beginners’ tips for Skateboarding while Billy shows off his skills. BG covers all the important safety tips. Together, they learn that safety and having fun are the most important parts of Skateboarding.

#15 - “Ex-ex-exercise”
BG and Brittany-Ann do their exercises only to discover that dancing with friends counts as exercise too. With a great song and dance, the girls show us that exercise can be fun.

#16 - “Spic and Span”
Gad seeks BG & Alex's help. They rush over and see his room is a complete mess. They begin cleaning without talking to Gad. After putting everything away, they soon found out that Gad had all these things out to give to charity!

#17 - “Waste Not”
Bg shows Gad, her mom and Brittany-Ann what you can do with reused shopping bags, jars, cans. BG shows us that someone's waste might just be someone else's treasure.

#18 - “Dress it up!”
BG tries to show George how to decorate his room to make it cool. In the end, BG has gone a little overboard and George doesn’t even recognize his room! BG and George learn that the real cool thing is to just be you.

#19 - “Star Student”
Bg shows Billy how to be a great student. But wait, she gave Mr. Grant the wrong assignment. Through her tips, she learns that being a good student is paying attention to everything.

#20 - “Friends Forever”
BG shows Gad and Alex how to make up, after having a falling-out. The two best friends soon realize that apologizing and being nice can help good friends’ make-up.

#21 - “Super Smoothie”
BG helps Alice to get George to eat his fruit by making her favorite snack - her "Super Smoothie". Through a fun song, George learns that smoothies are healthy, fun, and tasty!

#22 - “Camp Day”
BG gives Brittany-Ann tips for the perfect family outing. Brittany-Ann learns that you have to be prepared to improvise and the most important thing about a Camping trip is having fun with your friends and family.

#23 - “Step by Step”
BG helps George build a model plane and leans that it's important to follow directions carefully and not rush new projects.

#24 - “Flu Fighter”
Brittany-Ann is afraid of getting sick. BG and George show her all the ways to stay healthy and to prevent getting sick.

#25 - “Party Manners”
Billy learns how to behave himself at Brittany-Ann's surprise. After BG makes a mess and talks with her mouth full, she starts to realize that she should follow her own tips!

#26 - “Christmas Tree”
BG’s family decorates their Christmas Tree together, safely, in anticipation of Santa Clause’s arrival.

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