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Miss BG season 2

Bravo Gudule saison 2

SERIES 52 x 13' + 1st season 52x13' + specials 2x26'
Comedy / Animation


By the producer of Tintin and Babar and the director of Becassine

Adapted from Gudule et Les Bébés, by F. Joly and R. Capdevila (Triplets...)

Directed by

Philippe Vidal (Becassine)


Robert Réa - Ellipse Animation (Babar, The Adventures of Tintin, Blake & Mortimer...)

2007 / Original language: French & English / Color / Stereo

Miss BG is 8 years old; she has loads of friends, lots of stories to tell. She has a cool tree-house, and she has. a darling little 3-year-old brother, George.
When George was born, she got a kind of " promotion " in the family circle: she became MISS BG: MISS Big Girl !
Her mission in life: teach her younger brother the ways of the world. and she has a quite unique viewpoint on the way the world works.
Miss BG's got a big heart, is incredibly loyal and is lots of fun to be around. But she can also be such a headache !
Welcome to the world of Miss BG, a funny, tender and refreshing series!



MISS BG (8 years-old)
- BG is a true offspring of the new millennium
- She says one thing and does another and openly tries to manipulate every situation to her advantage.
- But don’t get the wrong idea, BG’s not a bad kid. Her intentions are always good, it’s just her methods that leave much to be desired.
- She’s got a big heart, is incredibly loyal and is lots of fun to be around. Too bad, she can be a real headache!

GEORGE (3 years-old)
- George has been trained well, he knows that BG is always right, but that doesn’t mean he does everything she wants.
- George is a fast learner and just like BG, is not above calling in reinforcements for help… namely Mom and Dad.
- BG’s little brother, George, is three and a half years old, and always wants to do whatever BG is doing. It drives BG mad.
- The things George loves most are Mom and Dad, his big sister and his pet hamster, Albert…but not necessarily in that order.

- Warm, sympathetic, and more understanding of her daughter than BG realizes, Mom is tough but with a touch of irony and a wink of the eye…
- Mom works from the house as a freelance journalist and is always busy trying to juggle her career whilst looking after her
growing family and flaky sister, Alice.
- Is it any surprise that sometimes Mom has had enough?!
She doesn’t lose her cool very often, but when she does… even BG runs for cover.

- Good-natured and easygoing, Dad is the local vet.
- He’s aware that BG has him wrapped around her finger… even when controlling the remote for the TV.
- BG is Daddy’s Girl… and she milks it all the time. BG knows that Dad will say ‘yes’ to anything while watching TV and on the rare occasion when he says ‘no’, a few tears will work wonders. Still,
- Dad has his breaking point, and when he makes up his mind, that’s it! No one, not even BG, can change it.

- Not only just the family pet, Albert is also quite a character.
- In true ‘Disney’ style, Albert is the fun element of the series.
- George and BG share the responsibility of looking after Albert, although George often does a better job than his sister.
- Albert can be seen as a spin-off character in small clips included in the show. He is then portrayed in funny situations
related to the theme of each episode.



#53 - CD/ Show and Tell
After BG embarrasses herself by accidentally bringing her teddy bear to school, she rashly decides to throw it away - and quickly lives to regret it.

#54 – Shooting Star / CE
Bg’s defense of Kayla in front of Brittany-Ann makes Kayla Bg’s new best friend. But the new friendship threatens Alex and Bg’s secret plan to assemble a telescope for Gad. Bg learns that keeping secrets and surprises can be more difficult that she

#55 – Pocket Garden /CA
BG and her friends learn that there’s strength in numbers when they all compete to see who can make the best pocket garden.

#56 – Hand & Foot / CF
BG sprains her hand and foot in a soccer game and a guilty Gad and Alex wait on her hand and foot - long after BG has secretly recovered.

#57 – Pool Party / CB
BG persuades her parents to buy an inflatable swimming pool for their backyard, but her impatience leads to a quick set up, which causes a big splash.

#58 – BG’s Paranoia / CC
Bg's mistakes her friends’ secret plans for a surprise screening of her favourite movie as plans to exclude her from a party. She quickly becomes defensive pretending a cutout figure is her new best friend, until of course she discovers the party is for her.

#59 – Height and Freight / CH
BG suddenly believes she has vertigo when it looks like Brittany-Ann is better at gymnastics than BG. It takes Albert to make BG forget her vertigo.

#60 – A Charming Hostess / CI
Bg is horrified when BA must spend the night at her house, especially when Brittany- Ann does everything she can to ingratiate herself with Bg’s family. Bg is determined to prove to her parents how two-faced Brittany-Ann really is, but learns unexpectedly that Brittany-Ann misses her parents, and that Bg must be a good hostess and make her feel at home.

#61 – Mom’s Vacation / CK
BG wants her mom to bake a clafoutis so BG can win a cake contest, but Mom can't - she's going on vacation! BG learns that, if she tries, she can do certain things all by herself.

#62 – BG’s Audition / CL
BG is so determined to win a dance contest that she drops Gad and Alex to join Brittany-Ann's winning team. She learns that winning isn't the most important thing - friendship is.

#63 – Not a Word / CJ
Bg takes a vow of silence for 3 days when Brittany-Ann accuses Bg of talking too much and wanting to be the centre of attention. Bg must forfeit her speaking role in the school play as a result and play a tree. She quickly discovers that you can learn a lot sometimes just by listening.

#64 – Bump in the Night / CM
BG plays a trick to scare Gad and Alex with a mechanical monster. But she ends up scaring Ouma too and crosses the line.

#65 – The Pants / CP
Aunt Alice finds an old pair of her beloved childhood pants and gives them to Bg. Bg takes them, even though they are not her style. But when other kids make fun of the garish pants, Bg gives them away to a charity sale. But Bg must must quickly get
them back, when Aunt Alice turns up unexpectedly at the neighbourhood picnic. With a little help from Aunt Alice BG learns that style is individual.

#66 – BG’s Mysterious Past / CR
BG thinks her real parents are royalty! She lets her new 'princess' status go to her head, but ends up missing her real friends and family, even before she realizes she's not a princess.

#67 – Class Representative / DC
BG uses her role as class helper to snoop, and ends up accidentally ruining Brittany- Ann's science project. She learns the true meaning of responsibility.

#68 – Share and Share Alike / DF
BG, Gad and Alex are supposed to share a special prize they won together, but BG ends up taking it over. She learns the importance of sharing.

#69 – Snow Day / CY
A big snowfall fills Bg and her friends with delight and Bg promises George she'll help him make a snowman. But when Brittany-Ann makes a bigger, more impressive snowman, Bg gets caught up in a game of one-upmanship, which almost spoils the
fun of “snow day” for everyone.

#70 – Snow Sculpture / DB
Bg is teamed up with Billy for a school project to design an original snow sculpture. Convinced he will bully her into doing it the way HE wants, Bg rejects all Billy’s good ideas and insists on her own design, which hurts Billy’s feelings. Bg learns that it is is not right to prejudge someone.

#71 – Holiday Tree House / DA
At Christmas time, Brittany-Ann's Mom convinces the City to cut down the tree house and put up a tennis court. Horrified Bg and her friends try to sell Brittany-Ann on the idea of keeping the tree house by inviting her up to play with them, so that she will convince her Mom to save it. But the plan backfires, until Bg learns that the unexpected support of a community on Christmas Eve can save the tree.

#72 – Best Christmas Ever / CZ
Bg fights to keep Alex in town for an important hockey game on Christmas Eve when he finds out he must leave for his Dad's house early and miss the game. Bg learns that being a divorced kid can be difficult over the holidays.

#73 – My Fair BG / CX
In order to get a favour from Brittany-Ann, BG and the boys agree to be models in Brittany-Ann's fashion show. BG is horrified to find she actually likes it - does this mean she's going to become Brittany-Ann? BG learns that girls can do anything, and everything, they want.

#74 – Dad’s Birthday / CV
Egged on by Brittany-Ann, Bg tries to make a special Moroccan dish for Dad’s birthday as a surprise, but ends up keeping Dad out of the kitchen and causing him to think she doesn’t want to spend time with him. Bg learns that the best gift you can
give your parents is yourself.

#75 – I.Q. / DK
When BG takes an IQ test for Aunt Alice's latest course, the results reveal she's a genius, the idea of being a 'big brain' goes to her head, until the results are recalculated.

#76 – George’s Allergy /DN
George suddenly starts sneezing every time is he around BG! Bg fears that George has grown allergic to her and is on a mission to find out why.

#77 – Picture Perfect / DG
BG wants to take the 'perfect' family photo. She agrees to follow Brittany-Ann's advice after she points out all of BG's flaws. BG learns that it's more important to be yourself, after a very humourous shots are taken.

#78 – George’s Painting /CU
Bg mistakenly hands in one of George’s paintings as her own work for a class project, then must hide the truth when the teacher wants to exhibit it in public. Bg learns never to take credit for someone else’s work.

#79 – Gift Swap / DI
Bg unwittingly gives hamster food to Brittany-Ann as a recycled gift. When Brittany-Ann comes down with a stomach ache, Bg thinks she’s poisoned her and does everything she can to make amends. Bg learns to always put thought into a gift, or it may come back to haunt you.

#80 – Favourite Aunt / CG
When Aunt Alice gets a job at Mr. Mansours' store, BG mistakenly thinks she'll have lots of time to play with her. She quickly learns that Aunt Alice has to work hard and it can't always be playtime.

#81 - A Pet is not a Toy / DH
BG suddenly thinks George is playing with Albert in an irresponsible fashion and cautions him not to treat Albert like Brittany-Ann is treating her new poodle – like a toy. But BG’s plan to ‘educate’ George backfires when George becomes overly
cautious and stops playing with Albert altogether. BG learns that a pet may not be a toy, but every pet needs to be played with, carefully.

#82 – Night with Ouma / CW
Ouma volunteers to babysit BG and George when Terri gets sick. BG thinks this is a great idea but then Gad, worried that Ouma will show BG all of his embarrassing baby pictures, uses BG's overactive imagination against her and convinces BG that Ouma will be more of a tyrant than a babysitter. BG launches a campaign to stay anywhere but with with Ouma. BG soon realizes that Ouma's a lot cooler than she thought.

#83 – Teacher’s Pet / CO
BG feels ‘weird’ when her parents strike up a friendship with Mr. Grant, her gym teacher and prinicpal. But, the situation only gets worse when he substitutes for her usual teacher. Mr. Grant gives BG what seems like preferential treatment and she
soon finds herself being called a teacher’s pet -- much to her horror and Brittany- Ann’s delight!

#84 - Girls & Boys / DE
Billy’s BOYS ONLY sleepover in the clubhouse, inspires BG’s GIRLS ONLY sleepover in a tent. Rain threatens the girls, and no food has the boys heading home. The two sides realize they need to join forces if they want to have the best sleepover ever.

#85 - Mother’s Day / DQ
Bg's class plans to throw a Mother's Day Party to read their poems. Bg worries that Gad is upset because he doesn't know his mother. Bg learns that a mother doesn't have to be the person you call 'mom'.

#86 – Crystal Ball / CT
BG's desperate to figure out what Alex and Gad are up to when they start doing things without her. BG tries to get them to fess up by using a "Crystal Ball" to convince them she's got psychic powers. Soon BG's fallen for her own lie and starts
doling out really bad advice to all the kids in the neighbourhood that believe her. BG soon learns that sometimes it's okay for your friends to hang out without you and tricking people into listening to you is never a good idea.

#87 - The Creature / DM
BG convinces Dad to let her and her friends go camping with him in the hopes they can secretly capture a photo of a mysterious forest creature, or so they think.

#88 - All About BG / DL
To her great thrill, BG and her family are the subjects of a documentary Terri is doing for school. But things go wrong when BG starts letting 'fame' go to her head.

#89 - Doctor BG/ CN
BG and her friends find an injured bird, being the daughter of a veterinarian BG volunteers to take the bird home. BG fails to let her friends know her Dad is actually away at a conference, as she feels she's old enough to take care of the bird by
herself. It doesn't take long before BG realizes she's in over her head and everyone wants answers, including her Dad who arrives home to find the sick bird.

#90 - Fishing Trp / DJ
Bg is thrilled to be included on one of her Dad’s fishing trips and bets Gad and Alex that she’ll catch the first fish. Her delight is spoiled by the last minute inclusion of George however. He’s sure to be a baby and wreck things. But it is Bg who delays the fishing when George tells her the fish they will catch look just like his favourite cartoon character. Bg suddenly realizes that she is uncomfortable with catching fish
after all, her and George decide to stop everyone from fishing.....until Dad catches onto their sabbotage.

#91 - Jumping to Conclusions / DW
When BG mistakenly thinks Gad is moving, she and Alex are forced to go to great lengths to stop it from happening. Embarrassing herself at a supposed farewell dinner, BG finds out she is mistaken, learning the folly of jumping to conclusions.

#92 - Forest Badge / DD
BG doesn't study, and isn't prepared to win a camping badge she desperately wants. When she and Brittany-Ann cheat, BG realizes that it's better to pay attention and work for what you want.

#93 - Alex’s Glasses / DR
When Bg accidentally breaks Alex’s glasses just before a school outing to a dinosaur park, she tries to make amends by giving him a fake pair to wear so that Mr. Grant won’t keep Alex home. But Alex is so near-sighted that he gets into big trouble on the
trip, and Bg learns that it is better to admit a mistake right away, rather than try to hide it.

#94 - Mommy’s Girl / CS
When BG's Mom and Brittany-Ann's Mom accompany the kids on a school trip to a wilderness reserve, BG and Brittany-Ann compete to see who's got the coolest mom. But BG's attempts to show off how cool her Mom is keep getting wrecked by George. BG tries to keep George away from Mom but ends up thinking she lost him in the forest and when BG and Brittany-Ann go looking for him they end up lost! BG learns that being cool isn't always the most important thing.

#95 - Piano Lessons / DY
When Brittany-Ann’s Mom overhears Bg’s Dad playing Chopin on the piano, she mistakenly thinks it is Bg playing. Bg is too embarrassed to tell her the truth, that she is just learning to play, and gets caught up in a game of deception when she agrees
to play a difficult duet with BA. Bg learns that there is no shame in being a beginner at a new skill – all it takes is hard work and commitment.

#96 - Oh Brother ! / DT
BG fears George is Mom's favourite kid, so she starts competing with him for Dad's affection before learning her parents love both their children equally.

#97 - Ants & Trouble / DZ
Inspired by Dad, BG sets out to be a great animal rescuer. Her first mission- to save an anthill from Ouma's garden, even if it means transporting the ants to her bedroom! Meanwhile, Mom's cartons of eggs keep disappearing mysteriously. It doesn't take
long for Mom and Dad to realize something's up when the house is covered in ants and the eggs are no where to be found.

#98 - Super Secretary / CQ
Mom is sick in bed with the flu, but she has an important deadline at work. BG quickly volunteers to help, but when Aunt Alice arrives, BG has some unwanted competition as Mom's "super secretary".

#99 - A friend for George / DU
Mom suggests that BG let George play with her and her friends while they build their Karpla design for a competition, BG quickly convinces Mom that it would be better for George to invite a friend over. BG thinks the two friends will keep each other entertained and away from her plans with Gad and Alex. Bg quickly learns that babysitting TWO kids is a lot more work than she thought, especially with a fragile Karpla design to protect!

#100 – Trendiest Trend / DV
Yobi-Bobo cards become the latest trend at school and BG trades her (and George's) marbles to get her hands on some. But when a new trend becomes more popular, BG is not sure what to do. Gad and Alex help her realize it's more important to do what you like, not follow the latest trend.

#101 - Broken Telephone / DX
When BG learns that her Mom’s taking a short business trip to Africa, she uses the exciting news as an excuse for not doing her homework. The ruse backfires when her slightly exaggerated version of the trip passes from person to person and gets blown way out of proportion! BG needs to fix the ‘broken telephone’ and set things right.

#102 - Lucky Scrunchie / DO
When Terri chooses BG, Brittany-Ann and Kayla for a television interview about "Girls Of Today", the latter two think BG looks too childish for such a mature interview. BG gets rid of her hair scrunchies in favor of a Brittany-Ann approved outfit.
With a little help from Terri, who loves wearing scrunchies BG learns she's the most mature just being herself.

#103 - Community Spirit / DP
BG and her friends put their community spirit to the test when they compete for a chance to paint a mural on the community centre wall, that they all must agree on.

#104 - Neighbourhood Fair / DS
BG learns that helping out can be as important as winning when she agrees to help Dad with the neighbourhood street fair, and gets so busy helping everyone with their displays, she doesn't have time for her own.

BG'S DAILY TIPS - Fillers of 26 x 2'

The BG Vignette episodes are 2-minute “Lessons” or “Tips” given to the audience by BG. These ‘tips’ are always factually correct and have underlying social development themes; the humour lies in how BG executes them. As we know with BG, things never go exactly the way she plans. BG will speak directly to camera, addressing the audience. Her TV lessons will interact with a future website, which kids can then access to receive further info.

#01 - “Doggy Duty”
BG and George do a trial run of caring for Doodlebug, BA's Dog. BG and George show us what dogs need most –love.

#02 - “Hamster in My Hair”
Miss BG’s little brother, George, takes us on a musical journey of friendship with a little help from his hamster and best friend, Albert. From George’s point of view we hear his struggles of being small, but the abiility to overcome them when you’ve got a best friend, who’s always there.

#03 - “Toy Swap”
BG shows George and his friend, Ian, that sharing can be fun. The kids learn that if you don't share with others you can't expect to share their things.

#04 - “The Perfect Present”
BG and George help Brittany-Ann find the perfect present for her Mom. Together, the kids learn that the best presents are homemade.

#05 - “Energy Saver”
BG gives George tips on saving energy around the house - but soon learns that you have to consult your family first!

#06 - “Sleep Over Party”
BG plans a sleep-over party. She shows us all the important things to plan for a sleep-over. But she forgot the most important step - get permission from Mom and Dad before inviting all your friends!!

#07 - “Show Time!”
BG shows George and his friend Ian how to behave at the movies. However, when BG gets carried away, Terri has to remind her how to behave.

#08 –“Better Than You”
BG and Brittany-Ann duel over who can do things better than who. This light hearted song has the girls feuding over everything from who’s faster, to who jumps further, to who can sing louder than who; just an average day for these two competitors.

#09 - “Handel with Care”
BG shows her friends how to look after and respect other people’s things.

#10 - “Rise and Shine”
BG shows Brittany-Ann how to speed up her morning routine so that she has extra time to sleep and relax. Uh Oh! BG has taken so much extra relaxing time - she is late!

#11 - “Taking Photos”
Ian & George ask BG for help with Ian's older brother's digital camera. Together they all learn that practice makes perfect.

#12 - “Team Spirit”
Kayla doesn’t think she is good at soccer so BG offers her expertise. BG takes time to show Kayla some soccer tips, and in the process learns that having good sportsmanship is more important than winning.

#13 - “Bedtime”
BG tries to help George stay up past his bedtime to watch a Belinda concert on TV. Together, BG and George learn that honesty is the best policy.

#14 - “Skater Kidz”
BG shows Aunt Alice all the beginners’ tips for Skateboarding while Billy shows off his skills. BG covers all the important safety tips. Together, they learn that safety and having fun are the most important parts of Skateboarding.

#15 - “Ex-ex-exercise”
BG and Brittany-Ann do their exercises only to discover that dancing with friends counts as exercise too. With a great song and dance, the girls show us that exercise can be fun.

#16 - “Spic and Span”
Gad seeks BG & Alex's help. They rush over and see his room is a complete mess. They begin cleaning without talking to Gad. After putting everything away, they soon found out that Gad had all these things out to give to charity!

#17 - “Waste Not”
Bg shows Gad, her mom and Brittany-Ann what you can do with reused shopping bags, jars, cans. BG shows us that someone's waste might just be someone else's treasure.

#18 - “Dress it up!”
BG tries to show George how to decorate his room to make it cool. In the end, BG has gone a little overboard and George doesn’t even recognize his room! BG and George learn that the real cool thing is to just be you.

#19 - “Star Student”
Bg shows Billy how to be a great student. But wait, she gave Mr. Grant the wrong assignment. Through her tips, she learns that being a good student is paying attention to everything.

#20 - “Friends Forever”
BG shows Gad and Alex how to make up, after having a falling-out. The two best friends soon realize that apologizing and being nice can help good friends’ make-up.

#21 - “Super Smoothie”
BG helps Alice to get George to eat his fruit by making her favorite snack - her "Super Smoothie". Through a fun song, George learns that smoothies are healthy, fun, and tasty!

#22 - “Camp Day”
BG gives Brittany-Ann tips for the perfect family outing. Brittany-Ann learns that you have to be prepared to improvise and the most important thing about a Camping trip is having fun with your friends and family.

#23 - “Step by Step”
BG helps George build a model plane and leans that it's important to follow directions carefully and not rush new projects.

#24 - “Flu Fighter”
Brittany-Ann is afraid of getting sick. BG and George show her all the ways to stay healthy and to prevent getting sick.

#25 - “Party Manners”
Billy learns how to behave himself at Brittany-Ann's surprise. After BG makes a mess and talks with her mouth full, she starts to realize that she should follow her own tips!

#26 - “Christmas Tree”
BG’s family decorates their Christmas Tree together, safely, in anticipation of Santa Clause’s arrival.


MISS BG - Special N°1:
BG is a little girl of eight years old who always finds herself in some crazy situations. This time it’s Albert, George’s hamster, who’s going to give her a hard time… In fact, Albert has disappeared in the garden while BG was looking after him! She has to find him before George finds out about it. What is she going to do? Hey! Here is Kayla walking her hamster! BG has an idea… And what if Mom and Dad decided to have a baby? And what if it was already done? Mom is reading books about babies. And what if there was going to be three of them? No way! How terrible! This is just awful! BG is totally jealous ! And George too. The house is going to be too small! They have to find a plan…This is all wrong! BG loves adventures but she also knows how to be cautious: here is a quick practical lesson.

MISS BG - Special N°2:
BG is a little girl of eight years old who always finds herself in some crazy situations which she shares with her friends… …and sometimes reluctantly with her true rival Brittany-Ann! Today, BG is making stupid bets with Brittany-Ann. She wins again and again and then…Oh no! She starts losing. Brittany-Ann starts bossing her around immediately…I want this thing over here in the garden! This? But this is George’s robot! Yes, but a bet is a bet… Oh no ! BG will never eat her favourite cereals again! No way! Her worst enemy, Brittany-Ann, has her picture on every pack. She won the contest. George keeps eating the cereals but BG just hates these stupid cereals! She cannot stand this situation! Between the two of them, there is always a competition going on. Let the best win! BG loves adventures but she also knows how to be cautious: here is a quick practical lesson.


Gemini Awards 2006
Nomination at the award of Best Pre-School Program or Series

Luchon TV Festival 2006
Grand Audience Prize for the "Special Gudule number 1" (episodes 16 and 7)

Cartoons on the Bay 2006
Grand Animation Prize for the episode "Adopted Sister"

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