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Delook & Sharpy

Geleuil et Lebon

SERIES 104 x 7'
Action/Adventure / Comedy / Animation

The adventures of the super cops of the animal kingdom
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Raymond Maric

Directed by

Diego Zamora

Xavier Picard



2000 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Commissioner-dog Delook and inspector-mouse Sharpy are the super cops of the animal kingdom. Delook is the patient big shaggy dog who does the thinking while his quick-tongued and vivacious partner, Sharpy, handles all the footwork. The combination of animal intellect and fast action outwit the cleverest villains, on four feet or two.
Each their casees involves a mystery, a wacky line of animal witnesses and suspects, and a solution, which can be given at the end of the episode, or separately, at the end of the cartoon broadcast, or even the week after, creating a fun game for the kids.
Suspense, humor... An animated animal series that cleverly mixes delightful children's entertainment with educational facts about our natural environment.

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