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Forest Friends

Les copains de la forêt

SERIES 52 x 13'
Comedy / Animation

Major licences: Berchet/Smoby, Hachette Publishing, Emme Interactive, Tactic Video/Buena Vista
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Directed by

Bernard Le Gall


PMMP and Timoon Animation

2005 / Original language: French or English / Color / Stereo

A wildfire has driven the animals out of the forest, obliging foxes, mice, rabbits, boars etc. to cohabit.
Communal living is not so easy for animals with such radically different mentalities... But for seven of them, it's an opportunity to build a whole new way of life !
Guided by their mentor and teacher, Old-Oak-of-the-Forest, seven Forest Friends defy their parent' prejudices and pool their talents, resources and differences to form a united band of friends.



01 Back to school
Several months after the big fire and the village being built, the children are heading to their new school. But on the way there, the seven Little Friends (who don’t yet know one another), fall into a trap set by Ratasha and Rascal Raspy and must join forces to get out. They unite, becoming ‘all for one and one for all’, the seven inseparable Friends of the Forest!

02 The Castle
When the Friends of the Forest offer to help Achilles cut some wood, an argument breaks out. Achilles leaves the Friends to finish the job alone. When Achilles returns the next day with Roger, they discover that the clearing has been ravaged: the logs
have disappeared and the trees are chopped up badly, endangering the forest’s regrowth. Achilles and his father think that the Friends are responsible which causes a real rift in the group. In reality, the Friends of the Forest will discover that the Raspys have wrecked their work. Achilles apologizes for having suspected the Friends and together they teach the rat family a lesson to dissuade them from ever damaging the forest again.

03 The magic star
Feeling like he’s different and on the sidelines of the group of Little Friends, Titan tries to get some attention by telling a huge lie: he makes the seven Friends believe that he has magic powers! One day, while fishing in the river, there is an accident
and the children immediately call on Titan’s powers…powers that don’t exist! Luckily, the Old Oak saves the children at the last moment and takes advantage of this misadventure to tell the true story of Titan…

04 The brass band
One day, the Little Friends, who are all members of the school’s band, go off to practice in the forest. They are in such a hurry that they don’t wait for the perpetually distracted Titan. Our young musicians attract Rascal and Ratasha’s attention who spy an instrument they’d like to give to Raman. They manage to steal Gladys’ horn, sending the Friends off in pursuit, deep into the heart of the burned forest. Soon the Little Friends are totally lost and no one can agree on which path to take to return home… They end up separating. Titan manages to get the horn back, reunite the Friends and convince them to combine forces to find the way back home.

05 Bush school
There’s a new plan of action in the village: Mark Keating, a stubborn boar, decides to open a school to compete with the Old Oak’s school. The villagers and the Old Oak try to make him listen to reason, but the boar will hear nothing of it. He thinks his son and all the little boars should go to a school headed by boars and designed for boars. Quickly, the idea of specialized schools has imitators in the community and soon
each species wants to open their own school. Unrest reigns. It takes all the will and ingenuity of the Little Friends to prove that there is no better school than the one run by the Old Oak.

06 Early retirement
Terribly tired for some time now, the Old Oak hasn’t been able to take care of his students as he should. After a mutual agreement, the villagers decide he should go into retirement and be replaced by Rose, the twins’ mother. It’s only when the Little
Friends discover the reason for the Old Oak’s fatigue and that Rose realizes that she’ll never be a better teacher that the Old Oak regains his place with his students.

07 The Old Oak’s notebook
Danny is embarrassed at the blackboard in school when he can’t get the answer to a math problem, and the other students make fun of him. The Old Oak tries to explain that it would make more sense to offer to help him with his lessons than to mock him.
In the face of his Friend’s reluctance to help him, Danny feels humiliated and abandoned by the others. As he heads home with a heavy heart he runs into the Raspys, who have managed to steal the Old Oak’s notebook. The notebook has all of the answers to the exercises done in class and the Raspy’s want to trade it for
Danny’s help in getting them the Old Oak’s Magic Star. Suddenly, Danny seems like the smartest student in class because he knows the answers to every problem. But when the Raspys insist that he steal the magic star for them, Danny realizes that he just can’t do it. He decides to confess everything to his friends, swallowing his pride painfully. The Friends forgive him and decide to put a plan in place to pay the Raspys back. Everything works out for the best when an apologetic Danny gives the Old Oak his notebook back and admits that he had been cheating… But the Old Oak had never been fooled and forgives Danny, who is about to become very busy: all of his friends have volunteered to tutor him!

08 The Swamp Monster
A mysterious monster, like one right out of a legend, rises up in the little lake causing the entire beaver community to flee. The villagers are terrified and don’t dare leave their homes much less go near the lake. Naomi, Achilles and Jeff, the bravest and least gullible of the Little Friends gather their courage and decide to investigate. Near the lake, they discover the secret to the mystery: the Monster of the Lake has been invented by the Raspys so they can more easily take over their favorite
playground. But the Little Friends have something to say about that. With the help of the Beavers, they plan to catch the fake monster at its own game.

09 Achilles’ Talent
After a drawing class, Achilles remains convinced that he has absolutely no talent for art. He becomes bitter, grouchy and neglects his little Friends. But not long after, he discovers he has a talent for sculpting. Glory quickly follows. Everyone in the village wants one of his statuettes. Meanwhile in the village’s big orchard, a flock of birds is descending on all of the beautiful, juicy fruit. Panic ensues: if we let the birds do as they please, soon there will be no fruit left to eat! Everyone looks for a way to make the birds go away. But in vain! Thanks to one of the Old Oak’s famous visions, he realizes that Achilles’ statuettes would make perfect scarecrows! All that’s left to do is convince Achilles to modify his ‘masterpieces’. And that’s no easy feat. In the end, the Friendship of the little Friends is so strong that Achilles accepts. Soon after, an
army of scarecrows is set up in the garden. And quickly, there is not a fruit-eating bird in sight. The garden is saved!

10 The magic honey
Danny wasn’t paying attention and the Old Oak becomes ill after eating a poisonous mushroom. The Little Friends find out that there is only one remedy to save their old professor: a very rare honey with miraculous properties. But the honey can only be
found in the Valley of the Ferns, a reportedly dangerous part of the forest. The Old Oak is getting worse and the natural healers of the village don’t seem to be able to help him. The Little Friends have to put aside their quarrels and unite to face the
danger of gathering the magic honey.

11 Come back Danny !
Danny is embarrassed in front of the entire class when he is called ‘immature’. Annoyed that he is never taken seriously, he turns his back on them and is ready to take flight when Naomi’s older sister, Sophia, who is no longer a minor, sees in Danny the only one capable of accompanying her in her plans to leave the forest. Feeling like a big shot, Danny turns into a love-sick teenager and prepares to leave with his sweetheart! The Little Friends, aware of the terrible misunderstanding, must
do all they can to keep him from leaving without hurting their dear Danny’s pride! With Sophia’s help and experience in preparing for emancipation, the Little Friends try to prove to Danny that he can’t leave until he’s grown up and ready for it.

12 Good manners
Just like in the romantic novels she reads so passionately, Naomi wants to imitate a princess who transforms a beggar girl into a duchess. She decides to teach good manners to Ratasha, the dirty and poorly brought up rat. To Jeff’s amazement,
Ratasha (in her graceless way) seems to go along with Naomi who plays the Pygmalion. But the Friends don’t know that Ratasha has a secret: she wants to be a part of the Old Oak’s school so she can steal the magic star…

13 Leon the hungry wolf
The Friends take in a young wolf named Leon who was lost in the forest. Right away, the presence of a wolf, even a child, is not welcomed by some of the adults. They don’t dare say it aloud, but they worry that the ferociousness of the Big Bad Wolf will come out in Leon and that he will devour them all. When the rabbit twins disappear, all fingers point to the young wolf. But they quickly discover the truth.

The twins have gone looking for Leon’s parents. During this time, Leon is hurt that everyone takes him for a rabbit eater and runs away from the village. He has to be found fast because now he’s in danger.

14 True friends
Everyone loves Titan, but the little cherry tree is particularly popular in summer because the Friends all love to eat his delicious cherries. Flattered by all the attention, the little tree is happy to have so many friends, until he gets injured just as the Friends are about to leave for the first swim of the season. Everybody promises to keep him company, but when it’s 90 degrees in the shade, no one can hide their desire to take a refreshing dip instead of sitting idly with the immobilized patient. When the Friends realize their shameful lack of solidarity, they find a way to make up for their egotism and calm the frustration of the little cherry tree.

15 Titan is a bad loser
During a game of hide and seek, Titan (who was cleverly hidden behind another tree) doesn’t understand how Achilles could have found him. Titan quickly earns a reputation as a bad sport. So some of the Friends (wanting to make him feel better) arrange for him to win by cheating. At first, Titan is delighted, but he soon discovers that games aren’t as much fun when you always win.

16 A parent in school
Achilles father, Roger, decides to help him with his homework…and ends up doing it all himself! The next day Achilles gets his first zero! The Old Oak offers to let Roger come and learn at the school. Roger is insulted, but he comes to school anyway and proves to be a terrible student at first. But eventually, Roger understands that working hard can lead to becoming passionate about learning and that anyone who wants to can be smart if they put forth enough effort.

17 I want my Papa
Danny is unhappy with his life: his mother is too busy and makes him do too many chores and his friends don’t understand him. He decides to go and live with his father. Imagine his disappointment when his Papa refuses to let him come! Being an actor means his Papa has to spend most of his time on the road, and that is no place for a young fox cub. Vexed, Danny decides to run away and live on his own! But a storm breaks out and night falls on the forest…and now Danny is in danger!

18 Achilles’ strange behavior
Ignoring the rules, Achilles adopts a little tadpole. Deciding to raise him in secret, he soon becomes obsessed and starts missing school, neglecting his friends and acting strangely. Everybody wonders what has happened: is something wrong with Achilles? When he gets unjustly punished, Naomi and Jeff decide to follow him and discover his secret. Eventually everything is brought out into the light and Achilles goes back to being the good friend and student that he’s always been…

19 The dam
During a walk in the forest, Naomi discovers that the dam which holds back the enormous lake is starting to crumble. If the villagers don’t find a solution quickly, the dam will break and the village will be destroyed. But no one can’t seem to agree on
the best way to proceed, and they end up arguing endlessly. Seeing that the adults are incapable of reaching an agreement, the Little Friends decide to take matters into their own hands: using a recipe for making cement that the twins get from their papa, the seven Friends decide to try and plug up the dam… But things take a dangerous turn when Naomi falls into the water !…

20 The rebel twins
The twins decide that their intelligence and scientific prowess is distancing them from the rest of the gang. They decide to prove that they can be hip and cool, too. They devise a strategy that will make them appear less smart in class and more up to date outside class…but they only end up looking silly. Humiliated, they decide to build a new “Forest Glider” which could be extremely dangerous. Fortunately, the Friends finally understand what the Twins are trying to do, and manage to make them understand that they don’t have to change at all because everyone loves them just the way they are.

21 United we stand
The Old Oak organizes a scavenger hunt in teams. The goal is find a trophy that is hidden somewhere in the forest. The Friends have to learn to work with their teammates, which is no easy feat given their wide range of temperaments. After a wild chase full of riddles and stumbling blocks, the two teams realize just before finishing the game that by uniting instead of competing they’ll have a better chance of reaching their goal.

22 Head of the class
Since the Old Oak can’t accompany his students on the molding field trip, they decide to elect a class leader to be responsible for the group. Danny, Jeff and Naomi already see themselves in the role…but Achilles is elected! To lessen the Friends’ jealousy, Achilles decides he’ll be the nicest person in charge ever… even if he has to do all the work for them. But after some horseplay, Danny finds himself stuck in a wheelbarrow full of dried plaster! Achilles runs away, ashamed of his inability to control the group. Left on their own and unable to free Danny, the Friends go to see the Old Oak and admit that they took advantage of Achilles’ kindness. The Old Oak gets Danny out and the Friends follow the trail of the little boar, finding him and apologizing: he may not have been the best class chief, but he sure is a great friend!

23 Stone crazy
While racing their cart down a hill, the Friends chance upon a magnificent stone: an amethyst. Soon everyone in the village begins to covet the stones and they become the new unit of monetary exchange and barter. The amethysts have soon shaken
the smooth running of the village, creating tension and turning many of it’s adults into prospectors at the new “mine” near the hill. The Friends try to warn their parents against the negative impact that this frenzy is having, but to no avail. It takes a near disaster, with a miner almost being buried, to bring the villagers to their senses.

24 The treasure of friendship
Fed up with Jeff’s showing off in history class, Achilles and Danny decide to teach him a lesson. They invent a fake treasure that they pretend belonged to Renardus the Brave. A treasure that no one has ever found. Unfortunately, the joke becomes a nightmare when Naomi and Jeff become lost in an underground maze. It takes all of the prankster’s Friendship and ingenuity to get Naomi and Jeff out of harm’s way.

25 The spring dance
It’s a big event for the inhabitants of the forest and everyone lends a hand in organizing the spring dance. Especially Gladys… She loves parties because there are so many delicious things to eat! But soon the little bear becomes sad. All the Friends have a date for the dance, except her. She’s not beautiful and elegant like Naomi or intelligent and witty like Zoe. The only way for Gladys to find a date is… to act like her Friends! She begins to awkwardly imitate them, but the Friends don’t
understand her strange behavior! Thanks to Jeff, Naomi and Achilles, Gladys realizes it is better to be unique…and that she is perfect just the way she is!

26 Brother and sister for life Achilles offers to let the twins try out his raft. But Zoe doesn’t get a chance to say ‘yes’ before Martin refuses for her… It’s not possible, he says, as he and his sister have to prepare a report on the stars! Zoe is upset with her brother for having answered for her. So when her Friends invite her to a ‘girls only’ afternoon, she quickly accepts in order to teach Martin a lesson! But the little rabbit doesn’t understand. He tries to be even nicer to his sister who begins to find him more and more cloying! Up to her ears with her brother, Zoe decides to do her star report with Achilles! This is too much for Martin. Doesn’t Zoe like him anymore? Well then, he doesn’t like her either! A new rivalry develops between brother and sister…And the Friends find themselves playing referee!

27 The picnic
The Friends’ picnic lunches accidentally fall into the river. Only Gladys’ cake is spared, but the famished and food-loving bear cub refuses to share. She angrily leaves the group to eat her cake in peace. But she quickly realizes that solitude cuts
her appetite… In the end, what could be better than happily sharing with her friends? To ask for forgiveness, Gladys decides to give the Friends a surprise: she has seen their picnic lunches caught in some branches in the middle of a dangerous river and will try to retrieve them …

28 So Long, Raspys!
Spring is in the air, but the fragrance of hyacinths in the breeze is so intolerable to the
Raspys that they decide to move away forever. Soon after, the village is invaded by
the horrible smell of garbage. The Friends discover that it is coming from the Big
FOR English Synopsis 7/11
Ditch where trash has accumulated. An ecological catastrophe threatens to erupt…
While visiting the Raspys’ abandoned home, the Friends realize the important role
the rats played in their society: they recycled the garbage. It was thanks to them that
waste was eliminated from the Big Ditch!
They must make the Raspys come back, but how will they to find them out beyond
the forest? The Friends quickly come up with an idea …
29 Achille the unlucky
When bad things start happening, (like objects falling out of the sky onto his head!)
Achilles becomes convinced that he’s been cursed with bad luck. And it gets worse
when his father’s workshop is struck by lightening…now Achilles is certain that his
bad luck is having a negative impact on his family. He decides to isolate himself and
never go anywhere again. The Friends try out a number of different strategies and
eventually succeed in persuading him that bad luck doesn’t exist…
30 Father’s day
Danny is very sad because his papa (an actor in a traveling troupe) won’t be there for
Father’s Day. Demoralized, the young fox stays home and refuses to even go to
school… But that’s not his only problem: poor Danny must also endure the romantic
assaults of Ratasha who has developed a crush on him and won’t let him alone. To
try to cheer their friend up, the Little Friends write a letter to his papa, inviting him to
come for Father’s Day… But, convinced that the letter is going to a long lost love of
Danny’s, Ratasha intercepts it…She realizes her mistake at the last moment and
writes her own letter to Danny’s papa… who eventually does show up for the big day,
making his little son the happiest fox in the forest!
31 Permission
It’s summertime and the Friends plan on camping together under the stars. With
strategy and wiliness, they all manage to get permission from their parents, except
Naomi who doesn’t get permission to go and thus feels left out and cheated. The
Friends get their first taste of freedom, but the adventure turns into a nightmare
because of rain, mosquitoes and a mysterious monster that is creeping around the
tent. In the end, Naomi didn’t miss out on much!
32 A Star is born
Naomi will be dancing the principal role in the upcoming school ballet. Soon, her
parents, Jeff and even the local paper are all talking about the new young star!
Flattered at first, Naomi ends up getting a severe attack of stage fright. What if her
feet get tangled up and she falls on her face in front of everyone? What if the show
is ruined because of her? Her parents, her friends, Jeff…no one would love her
anymore! The solution ? Simple, she absolutely refuses to dance in the ballet! On
the big day, Naomi hides high up a tree in the forest...
33 Big brother blues
When the nursery is closed for the day, Danny is obliged to take care of his little
brother Didoo. The young fox is overjoyed: he’ll get to miss the big calculus test the
next day, to Jeff’s great dismay! But Danny comes down to earth quickly: Didoo
FOR English Synopsis 8/11
bawls, spreads chocolate everywhere and throws several fits during a day that is far
from easy or fun for our young fox.
34 A charming monster
The Friends accidentally wake up a young bat who had been hibernating. Terrified
at first by this unknown animal that they take for a monster, they eventually get to
know more about the pretty young bat (Albertine). In fact she proves to be so
charming that both Danny and Martin fall in love with her. Each tries to monopolize
her time, which creates some friction. Both of the rivals decide to sneak out one
night to finally get some time alone with the lovely nocturnal creature in her cave.
The resulting fight ends up waking up not only Albertine’s parents but her 25 cousins
as well. After being given a terrible fright, Martin and Danny reconcile and with
Albertine’s help come to realize that we shouldn’t try to keep our Friends only for
ourselves…even if we like them very, very much.
35 Santa’s Sleigh
It’s almost Christmas. And there’s a new student in class: Basher, the little deer. Jeff
and Danny begin at once to fight over this new friend. When each student is asked
what they want to be when they grow up, Basher confides that he’d like to be one of
Santa’s reindeer. The Old Oak encourages Basher to write a letter to Santa and ask
him. In the meantime, both Jeff and Danny offer to help Basher train for the big day.
Their rivalry creates some risky, even dangerous, situations involving a sleigh on top
of a hill. On Christmas day, Basher finds an amazing response in his stocking…

36 Playing Games
Danny arrives at the courtyard one day with some pretty shells that his dad has given
him. Jealous, Jeff pretends that he knows an even better game: splooshing! The
winner is the one who can make the most waves by throwing a rock in the water.
Very quickly it turns into sploosh-mania! But Danny has decided to prove to Jeff that
his shell game is much better! Danny, Jeff and Achilles become so addicted to their
games that it puts them in danger and angers their friends and families…

37 Danny’s Lie
The Friends, with Jeff as their captain, will soon be playing the beavers in a hotly
contested game of cone-ball. Arriving late for practice again and needing an
excuse, Danny pretends that he has met the famous sage of the mountain,
Diogenes. Soon the Friends are all asking Danny to meet the sage, which puts him
in a difficult position. He can’t admit having lied to them, so he leads them up into
the mountain. Jeff has an accident and gets hurt. Now they won’t have their best
player for the big match. The Friends are furious at Danny and no longer trust him.
Danny is forced to use all the resources at his disposal to make it up to his friends
and help them win the match against the beavers. He manages to do it with help
from an unlikely source: his father…

38 Titan finds his place
Zoé and Martin have invented a new game called “TopHat -TopHat”. Nobody is in a
hurry to have Titan on their team, because he usually makes whichever team he’s on
lose the game. Too distracted, too clumsy, too eager…he never seems to find his
place. What’s worse, his blunders create tension and ill-feelings between the
Friends, who begin accusing each other of cheating. Convinced that he’ll never find
his place among the Friends, Titan decides to run away and hide in the forest. But
after a discussion with Achilles, he finally finds a role that suits him in the game: he
can be the referee. He does it wonderfully, which allows the Friends to play fair and
really enjoy the game so much more. Titan has finally found his place, and the
Friends all agree: the Most Valuable Player is Titan, their new referee!

39 Jeff has lost his love
Jeff knows everything! Jeff always has to be right! And Naomi has had enough! If
that’s how it is, Jeff is no longer her boyfriend! But without his little mouse, the
squirrel feels totally lost… to get her back, he decides to impress her by climbing a
mountain that is supposed to be full of monsters in the middle of a snowstorm! What
if all he had to do to get his girl back as to listen to her and give her a little attention?

40 SOS Parents
Overwhelmed by preparations for the big Bread Festival, Milly and Billy can’t seem to
stop arguing, to the point that their daughter Gladys begins to fear that they might
separate. Saddened by this thought, Gladys confides in Naomi and soon all of the
Friends have heard. They decide to organize a romantic dinner for her parents, but
the dinner doesn’t go exactly as planned…

41 Naomi’s secret admirer
While passing by Naomi’s house, Jeff overhears her speaking in a very romantic way
to a stranger. Growing insane with jealousy, he makes a big scene the next day. In
fact, Naomi is actually writing a little play; a surprise that she hopes to propose for the
end of the year party. In order to help her get some ideas, she’s been improvising at
night in her room. She wants play a romantic princess in love with a noble beggar,
hoping at first to have Jeff be the beggar. But the misunderstanding between them
grows as Jeff starts suspecting first Achilles, then Martin and finally Danny of being
“the Secret Admirer” of his Naomi.

42 Danny the brave
Danny is always pushing everybody to try things that he’s too scared to do himself.
Annoyed but also amused by his behavior, Jeff decides to teach him a good lesson.
With Naomi and Achilles, they make him cross a footbridge hanging high up in the
trees, pretending to have just done it themselves. Danny takes it upon himself to try
it, but unfortunately one of his feet crashes though. Jeff comes to his rescue but
ends up needing to be rescued himself. Danny gets the chance to prove that he is
capable of taking care of things… sometimes.

43 The big mistake
Roger finds an extremely rare flower in the forest. Called to the dam by an
emergency, he trusts Achilles to care for the fragile flower that needs a lot of looking
after. An unusual set of circumstances leads to Achilles accidentally crushing the
precious plant. The Friends decide to help Achilles find another one before his
father gets back. They spend an exhausting day searching in vain for another one
before finally realizing that Achilles was confused and actually only crushed a rather
ordinary and normal plant.

44 Stung pride
Jeff has been afraid of bees ever since he got stung as a boy. Titan is the only who
knows the secret, but he blunders and Danny hears the news! “Jeff always pretends
he’s so brave, but he’s really just a scardey-cat!” The young fox sees his chance to
get revenge against Jeff, who has always made fun of him for being a coward.
Danny challenges Jeff to gather the most honey he can within a time limit, and it
turns into a catastrophe…

45 Girls vs. Boys!
Gladys tells Naomi a secret. Pressured by questions from Jeff, the little mouse tells
him Gladys’ secret after making him promise not to tell anyone else. But Jeff can’t
help talking to his buddies… and now the boys and girls don’t get along anymore:
war is declared! The Raspys take advantage to attack…

46 Go fly a kite
The twins decide to build a huge kite in order to observe the moon more closely.
The day of the first test, the flying machine takes of by itself, taking the twins, Naomi
and Jeff with it! Fortunately, the Old Oak had a premonition and has recommended
that they bring certain objects with them, which could help to get them out of trouble.
The trick is figuring out just how to use these innocuous-seeming objects…

47 Jeff’s cousin
Jeff’s cousin Gideon comes to spend a few days with him. Other than the enormous
glasses he wears, it’s difficult to tell Jeff from Gideon. Gideon admits to being very
good at school, despite his shyness and his age (he is a year younger than Jeff). At
first Jeff is proud of the intelligence of his cousin, but he grows jealous when he
realizes that Gideon is also better than Jeff at his own favorite activity: sports. Jeff
tries to find a way to beat his cousin and doesn’t always use fair-play but eventually
understands that in life, there is always going to be somebody better than you are.
Reconciled with Gideon, Jeff gets the idea of using their resemblance to teach the
Raspys (who have stolen a trophy) a good lesson.

48 Switching roles
It’s not fair! The adults in the village just don’t understand their children at all! The
younger generation is in a revolutionary mood…What if they gave their parents a
good lesson, would that stop them from following their strange whims? But the adults
aren’t having any of this, and they decide to stop playing their roles too! It’s war
between the parents and the kids! Until the moment that they all decide to switch

49 Bad neighbors
Things aren’t going well between the parents of the Twins and those of Achilles.
They can’t seem to stop arguing about various little things between neighbors,
despite the best efforts of their children. The timing is bad, because Achilles, Martin
and Zoë are supposed to be working on a report together. Seeing that reconciliation
is going to be nearly impossible, they decide to disobey their parents and meet in
secret in the Friend’s tree house. Unfortunately, Roger happens by and catches
them “fraternizing”. He accuses the young rabbits of being a bad influence on his
son, and worse: of stinking up the entire village with their compost. Too much is too
much! Jimmy and Rose get offended and decide to move to a village of rabbits.

50 Who broke into our tree-house ?
A mysterious intruder breaks into the Friend’s tree house. Shocked to find that their
sanctuary has been violated by someone they don’t even know, the Friends launch
an investigation to determine who has committed this horrible crime. Object
disappear from the village and reappear in the tree house several hours later. False
trails and red herrings follow, with the Raspys looking like the most likely
perpetrators…until a pair of magpies admits to being the guilty parties.
51 The magic mask
Everyone gets prizes at the end of the year, but Danny is soon filled with longing for
the gift that was given to Naomi: a book of magical forest spells. He goes to great
lengths to try and get her to trade for the mask that he received…Until he realizes
that the book doesn’t really confer any magic powers and that his mask appears to
give the power of invisibility. Naomi manipulates the gullible young fox with ease,
making him believe first in the powers of invisibility of his mask, and then once again in those of her “magic” book.

52 Stop complaining, Gladys!
Gladys spends all of her time moaning and complaining. All of the Friends turn away from her for awhile until she finally understands that she shouldn’t think only about herself. The change in her surprises everyone and she earns their love and affection again. But Ratasha Raspy, who has decided to take revenge on the others for Gladys, poisons their pancakes. To make up for it, Gladys tries to eat all of them, but her Friends think she’s just gone back to her selfish ways again.


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