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A Wonderful Family - 24 first episodes

Une famille formidable - 24 premiers Ă©pisodes

SERIES 24 x 96' in a series totalizing 24 episodes


10 years of outstanding Success on TF1! An average of 9.27 Million viewers per episode.
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Directed by

Joël Santoni


Anny Duperey (A Wonderful Family)
BĂ©atrice Agenin
Bernard Le Coq (The Flower of Evil, A Wonderful Family)
Philippe Khorsand
Tristan Calvez etc.


Panama Productions, PM Holding, AT Production, R.T.B.F. (télévision belge), with the participation of TF1

1997 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

For the last twenty years, life has been everything but peaceful for the Beaumonts. Catherine and Jacques look after their “wonderful family,” a blended family living happily and cheerfully together, but things aren’t always that easy! Three generations of characters take us on some pretty wacky adventures, sharing the laughter and tears of being a family today. First there are the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont, and their friend Reine. Then come the kids – no shortage there! Not to forget the twins, the youngest of the young adults, with their often complicated love lives. Last but not least, the new generation is peeking out, with Fred and Nourredine’s tumultuous daughter Carla, and Audrey and Julien’s daughter Marie, whose love interests are as stable as a weathervane on a windy day!



Episode 22: Crisis Galore!
Having settled in a charming village in Burgundy, Catherine is thriving but Jacques is chasing his tail. After his business projects fail, one by one, he blackmails his son-in-law to give him a job. Reine returns broke from Balang Balang and they take her in. When a local factory shuts down, she and Catherine plan a co-op to help laid-off women and families survive. It’s tough times for everyone. On the up side, the whole family gets together for Audrey’s birthday, only to discover she has changed jobs and moved. Guess where she’s working now!

Episode 23: War of the Chefs
Audrey is working as a stripper! They talk her into coming home. Nourredine, who gave Jacques a job at his restaurant, can’t take his pompous bossiness anymore and fires him. Jacques goes on a rampage, opening a B&B/restaurant to steal his clients. He kicks Reine out of the house and alienates himself from his family. Audrey moves back out. The co-op project falls through, but Catherine and Reine come up with a promising idea for a musical benefit performance. Jacques finds out Catherine has a lover and leaves for Paris. Could this be the end?

Episode 24: On with the Show!
Jacques squats Nicolas and Lucas’ apartment in Paris. Tormented by his wife’s love affair, he neglects his restaurant project with Julien. Lucas joins the venture, but Jacques won’t agree on a location! Jeremy returns from Burgundy, his affair with the mayor’s wife exposed. Meanwhile, the ladies’ benefit musical takes form. Reine handles the books; Catherine sings and dances! But the theater they booked closes down. Desperate to win back his wife, Jacques finds a perfect dinner theater location. Can he convince her to bring the show to Paris?


Life seems almost happy for the Beaumont family. But then comes the news of Nono\'s death. It\'s a terrible blow, which, as always, brings back memories both pleasant and less pleasant, especially when Paule now wants her part of the inheritance. So the rest of the family must buy out their share in the house. Patricia\'s jailbird husband reappears, tensions grow between Nicolas and Lucas, Nourredine and Fred confront the wear and tear of daily life, and a tragic accident leaves Sebastian in a wheelchair because of Christine. That house in Portugal is not likely to be seeing the Beaumont family under its roof again. The episode ends on a \" For Sale \" sign.

The second episode opens with Jacques\'s fainting spells and Julien\'s Moroccan wedding plans. Catherine is persuaded to accompany Julien and Patricia to Morocco. Manon, who has finished school, decides to join them. The others will follow later. Once there, Catherine realizes that Manon, though engaged to Jean-Philippe, is having an affair with Walid, a Moroccan youth. After an eventful arrival without luggage, Jacques learns of his daughter\'s affair... Devastated, he must tell Catherine he\'s invited Jean-Philippe. After an incredible, eventful journey, the Beaumonts arrive at the home of Walid\'s uncle where Julien\'s wedding is to take place. But no one has reckoned with Jean-Philippe\'s unexpected arrival, who, realizing his misfortune, steals a musket and fires on everybody present.
The Beaumonts are asked to leave the country. Their Moroccan adventure ends on the tarmac of Ouarzazate airport, where they are escorted by police.

Catherine has finally come to terms with the death of Nono when Paule opens her father\'s old letters and discovers a secret. Paule tells Catherine that she is not the daughter of the woman she considers her mother. This revelation deeply upsets Catherine, who decides to say nothing to her family. Jacques has decided to bring José, the son he had with Lucia. He struggled with his role as a father, especially because Richard and Jose become bosom buddies and get up to all sorts of mischief. Catherine fights to become a new person. Totally disorientated, she gets arrested for shoplifting. Jacques learns of Catherine\'s disarray. Deeply affected, he helps Catherine to self-reconciliation. He arranges for her to find a brother whose existence she never even suspected... and an entire family which becomes one with hers. The third episode ends with Catherine a new woman at last and the Beaumont family once again united and extended. Nono\'s house has been bought by this new branch of the family. The coming vacation period will find them all together in Portugal... just like in the past!

Episodes 22 : A NEW DIRECTION (Un nouveau départ)
After years of all kinds of adventure, Jacques and Catherine Beaumont are retiring! Catherine seizes the opportunity to fly to Balang-Balang in Southeast Asia to work for a humanitarian foundation. Back in Paris, Jacques is having a hard time getting over the death of his friend Richard, and has long talks with him in the cemetery. He feels even lonelier now that Nourredine and Fred have moved away to Burgundy. Things look up when Catherine and Reine return from Asia with little Sammaï, an orphan Christine and Sébastien have adopted. But when Richard’s ghost announces he is leaving for good, Jacques sinks into a deep depression. Catherine takes matters into her own hands and the decision is made: it’s off to Balang-Balang to spend their retirement serving the poor and disadvantaged.

Episode 23: HOSTAGES (Otages)
In Balang-Balang, Jacques, Catherine, Julien and Reine dedicate all their energy to running the foundation, stubbornly ignoring rumors that rebel forces have infiltrated the area. Under pressure from authorities, they prepare to return to France but are taken hostage by an armed rebel group. The rest of the family panics: Sébastien and Christine go into hiding with Sammaï, Nicolas and Jérémie rush off to Asia to liberate their parents. In the jungle, the hostages devise a plan to escape but are quickly caught by the rebels. Finally, Balanguese Special Forces organize a rescue operation and the Beaumont family is set free!

Episode 24: BACK TO THE SOURCE (Retour aux sources)
Back in France, Jacques and Catherine have a really tough time adjusting to their new life as retirees, especially with fresh family conflicts to disturb the peace. To get away from family chaos, they decide to join Fred and Nourredine in Burgundy. But even there, the Beaumonts can’t seem to escape trouble, as if they are struck by a strange curse. Catherine’s new friends, a group of refugees from former Yugoslavia, are under threat of deportation, and soon the whole family shows up from Paris, bringing all their problems with them. Jacques and Catherine will need every bit of patience they have to resolve all the issues they face in their newfound home.


Up to 8.3 million viewers on TF1 prime time

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"Compelling adventures… a good time with a family that is wonderful as always.”
France Soir

"What a success!”
Le Parisien

"Never a dull moment!"
"Pleasant and relaxing.”
TV Grandes Chaînes / Télé Loisirs

"Enjoyable. Bernard Le Coq is irresistible."
Télé 2 Semaines

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